Thomson Correctional Opportunities

The federal government’s recent decision to turn this state prison into a federal facility will create thousands of new temporary and long-term jobs in our area.

A $40 million annual investment in the area
The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Bureau of Prisons (BoP) estimate they’ll spend $40 million on initial capital improvements before re-opening the facility and each year for ongoing maintenance and improvements. This is a substantial investment that will make an important difference for the seven-county region that surrounds the facility.

Excellent employment opportunities:

Temporary jobs

  • 780-850 temporary jobs during the construction/modification phase—most assignments are estimated to last about one year.

Plus long-term job growth
The DoD and BoP estimate that it will take approximately four years from the time remodeling begins until the facility is completely functional.

Their studies show that jobs will be created in the following areas; the list below reflects the total number of jobs by the time the facility is complete.

  • 490-560 jobs created by yearly capital improvements
  • 1,900-2,400 direct hires within the facility
  • 280 jobs created by visitors to the area
  • 510-640 jobs created due to increased spending and economic activity in the area

Total estimated local earnings generated: $793 million to $1,015 million.
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The perfect combination: Work at Thomson. Live in Sterling/Rock Falls.
Excellent roads and easy highway access make Sterling/Rock Falls an easy commute from Thomson Correctional. You and your family will enjoy the benefits of our community’s excellent schools, housing, healthcare and recreational opportunities—not to mention our low cost of living! And with so many people traveling from our community to Thomson, it’s easy to set up carpools that make the drive even more affordable and enjoyable!

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