Public Safety

The safety of our citizens is one of our community’s top priorities. Our ongoing commitment to public safety is evident in the resources we’ve made available for police, emergency medical service, vehicle rescue, firefighting and an excellent emergency 911 system.

Lower crime rates in recent years show that our dedication to public safety is paying off.

Involved citizens help cut crime!
Public safety partnerships are an important way for police and citizens to work hand in hand to prevent crime and address the needs of our community.
Here are a few of the local partnerships that are making an important difference in our area:

  • S.C.O.P.E. 2000—Sterling, Community, Organization, Police, and Education brings together police, local government officials and citizens to tackle public safety issues ranging from loitering and maintenance code violations to neighborhood clean-ups.
  • Chaplains Program—staffed by volunteer pastors who ride along with local officers to provide care, comfort, guidance and encouragement in challenging situations.
  • Senior Citizen Academy—this group taps into our 50+ population and is a crime prevention and awareness program.
  • Neighborhood Groups (including Neighborhood Watch)—help to deal with problems, prevent crime and oversee cleanups.
  • National Night Out—this annual event promotes cooperative police/community crime and drug prevention efforts.


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